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Please let our Slideshow take you through a synopsis of the Grand Lodges Range(s) of log-based and timber frame structures

Investing in Glamping Pods

Standard" pods right up to "completely bespoke" and the ultimate in luxury N.B. This structure is now supplied directly from the Baltics-based manufacturer. 

Glazed Terraces

Effective Outside / Inside Space that complements its environment

The log cabin is the traditional building technique used across much of central and northern Europe, with its practice dating back over a thousand years in Scandinavia. This log construction method has stood the test of time, and modern building materials because of its versatility. Put in simple terms it can be used to construct almost any building, from the huge vaulted churches of northern Russia, to the small sauna buildings in Scandinavia. Wherever logs are an abundant resource they have been used to build. In Britain we had a broad tradition of building with timber, but over the last hundred years we have seen an increasing reliance on brick, concrete, concrete block, steel and glass. More recently however, with an ever increasing demand on resources and pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, we have an opportunity to redress the balance. By incorporating the technology of northern Europe with the vast timber resource prevalent in this region we can design and construct buildings that have virtually no carbon footprint and require much less energy to inhabit

Listen to The Grand Lodges Ethos

by Richard Scott, Principal

Q & A about Log-based and Timber Frame Buildings (25 minutes)

by Richard Scott, Principal


The Grand Lodges Log Cabin (“Lodgic”) range is superior in every way and there is a good reason for this. Mostly the timber is winter cut pine, which is not just tight grained but is also an excellent timber for accepting wood stain. All our cabins are manufactured from particularly good timber and then cut to an appropriate thickness of wall log. Every single log is handpicked, every single part of the cabin, be it the “thicker” (more robust) floor or roof boards, bearers, windows, and doors are checked to make sure that they are perfect in every way.

Grand Lodges Log CAbins


Are you looking for the best glamping pods in the industry. Ours really do put that glamour into your park, hotel, or field.


At Grand Lodges we supply a lot more than just quality log cabins and glamping pods.

Other products we supply include: Glazed Terraces, Modular Houses, Gazebos, Car Ports, Lodges, Shepherds’ Huts, Insulated Garden Offices, Hot Tubs, Bespoke Homes / Buildings, Sectional Buildings, Garden Rooms, Residential / Timber Frame, Insulated Caravans / Mobile Homes.

Grand Lodges Other Products
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