Welcome to the Grand Lodges Family

Please let our Slideshow take you through a synopsis of the Grand Lodges Range(s) of log-based and timber frame structures

Investing in Glamping Pods

Standard" pods right up to "completely bespoke" and the ultimate in luxury N.B. This structure is now supplied directly from the Baltics-based manufacturer. 

Glazed Terraces

Effective Outside / Inside Space that complements its environment

A to Z Pod Directory

www.apieceinthesun.com – Quality wooden structures for those holi-staying in France
www.aye-pod.co.uk – Say “Aye” to an Aye Pod (Scottish Pods)
www.ayepod.co.uk – Scottish pods – designed and constructed in Scotland
www.buildyourdreamhouse.co.uk – Building your dream house can now be a reality
www.buongiorno.org.uk – quality and affordable structures for those Italian vacations
www.caravan-pods.co.uk – pods to replace or complement caravans (BS 3632)
www.chic-sheds.co.ukReally “chic” sheds (and similar)
www.cotswoldcabins.co.uk – Quality wooden structures for The Cotswolds
www.croft-pods.co.uk – Helping crofters to diversify
www.czero.co.ukSpherical pod
www.dirtyglamper.co.uk“Dirty” glamping
www.exclusi-veranda.co.ukGlazed Terraces offering fantastic outside / inside space
www.farm-pods.co.uk – Helping farmers to diversify
www.golf-pods.co.uk – Stay and play (Golf)
www.grand-lodges.co.ukQuality log-based and timber frame buildings
www.grand-lodges.comBespoke wooden buildings providing real value
www.hamewilldaeme.co.ukHome holidays
www.holistay-uk.com – top notch, self-contained UK accommodation
www.hotel-pods.co.ukExtra (and different) room capacity without much upheaval
www.island-pods.co.uk – Pods for The Highlands & The Islands
www.lab-dem.co.ukSite Preparation / Building Removal / New Building Construction
www.law-garden.co.ukHome Office Pods for Solicitors (UK)
www.law-garden.com – Home Office Pods for Solicitors (Worldwide)
www.lawgarden.co.ukSOHO Pods for the Legal Professional
www.law-pods.co.ukPods for Lawyers (and their clients)
www.les-pods.comPods for France, Corsica (and Sardinia)
www.lodge-pods.co.uk – Large pods that are lodge quality
www.lodgic.co.uk – The Website for discerning purchasers of quality, wooden buildings
www.logboxhouse.co.uk – Your own “bespoke” log-based or timber frame house (UK)
www.logboxhouse.com – Your own “bespoke” log-based or timber frame house or lodge
www.logcabinlawyer.co.uk – For all the legal aspects relating to pods, lodges and other wooden buildings
www.logsiopoly.co.ukAdvice about all types of log-based or timber frame buildings
www.luxury-pods.co.ukSuper comfortable and elegant pods
www.marina-pods.co.uk – Pods for marinas / Stay on dry land
www.morayfirthpods.co.uk – Pods sourced, designed and constructed in Morayshire
www.mystaycation.siteStaycationing in style
www.mywetdreams.co.ukHot tubs, artificial turf, and all types of decking
www.naked-pods.co.ukJust quality pods – for you to “fit out” as you please
www.newtinyhouse.co.uk – An innovative range of structures for most budgets
www.northeastpods.co.uk – Pods designed for the North East of Scotland / England climate
www.parking-pods.co.ukPark, Relax, and Stay
www.pensionpods.co.uk – Investing in pods is a good way to “top up” the pension(s)
www.pet-pods.co.uk – For those who really love their pets
www.plastic-lumber.co.uk100% Recycled Plastic for decking, fencing and the like
www.pub-pods.sitePods for Pubs – no more worries about finding accommodation
www.podportfolio.co.uk – The most extensive range of quality pods that provide real ROI
www.restaurant-pods.co.ukPods for Restaurants – Dine in / Stay In / Privacy In
www.scott-tubs.co.ukQuality hot tubs manufactured in the UK (providing real value)
www.stay-home-office.co.ukWorking from Home Solutions
www.turnkey-pods.co.uk – “Turnkey” Pod Solutions – ready to go
www.vin-pods.comPods for vineyards in France and beyond – Visit / Sample / Stay / Relax
www.vudis.co.ukExceptional and innovative structuresdesigned in The Baltics
www.whisky-pods.co.ukPods for Distilleries – Visit / Sample / Stay / Relax
www.wine-pods.co.uk – Pods for vineyards (and those who enjoy wine)

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